Villa measure protecting workers’ wages advances through Senate

SPRINGFIELD – A measure expanding access to pay stub information for workers in Illinois to prevent pay-related conflicts, sponsored by State Senator Karina Villa, passed the Senate Thursday.

“Fortifying pay transparency for workers will allow them to feel more financially secure,” said Villa (D-West Chicago). “Our most vulnerable populations are often subjected to wage theft and this initiative well help prevent that.”

According the City of Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, $400 million in wages are stolen annually from workers in the Chicagoland area alone.

“With increasing costs of living, every penny counts,” said Villa. “By having clear documentation of their wages, employees will be protected from potential harm.”

Senate Bill 3208 would require employers to retain copies of employee pay stubs for at least three years and provide pay stubs to current and former employees upon request. Under the initiative, pay stubs would be required to reflect important information including hours worked by the employee, rate of pay, overtime pay and hours, gross wages earned, deductions made from the employee’s wages and deductions year-to- date.

“Pay stub information is extremely important when applying for loans, lines of credit, housing and more,” said Villa. “Workers having this information readily available will allow them to more easily access these services.”

Senate Bill 3208 passed the Senate Thursday and heads to the House for further consideration.