Villa legislation will increase funding to Rental Housing Support Program

SPRINGFIELD – The Senate advanced a measure designed to increase the Rental Housing Support Program’s budget to ensure families with limited economic resources have access to affordable housing thanks to State Senator Karina Villa. Villa played an integral role in the passage of the legislation as chief co-sponsor of the bill.

“The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the housing crisis across the nation,” said Villa (D-West Chicago). “To ensure families and individuals can afford the homes they deserve, this legislation will increase our resources available to them.”

The legislation will create a task force to ensure that rental housing support funds will be distributed equitably across the state. Since 2005, the Rental Housing Support Program has provided assistance to households by subsidizing rental apartments and homes. As a participant in this program, a family with limited economic resources only has to pay 30% of their rent. Landlords are paid the difference by the RHSP. This program allows families security from being displaced from their homes and falling into poverty.

“Inflation has made costs of living more expensive,” Villa said. “My hope is this initiative will assist families by increasing funding for the Rental Housing Support Program and explore ways to make affordable housing easily accessible.”

House Bill 3878 passed the Senate and now goes to the governor’s desk for consideration.