Villa calls for support for working class families after governor’s budget address

SPRINGFIELD –State Senator Karina Villa (D-West Chicago) issued the following statement in response to the governor’s proposed budget:

“This budget proposal lays the foundation that continues Illinois’ trend of fiscal responsibility. While considering our state’s financial situation, I look forward to collaborating with my fellow legislators to implement a budget that serves the needs of our most vulnerable populations.

“One of the top issues we hear from constituents is that stable housing is needed in our communities. The lack of affordable housing on top of unprecedented issues working class families face when renting a home, or trying to own a home, creates a cycle of strain on these families whose work is essential to our state.

“With the end of COVID-era health care resources and Medicaid expansion receding, it is vital that we address the exorbitant cost of care, including for mental health and substance use treatments. I am committed to continuing to increase funding for free and charitable clinics, which provide critical support to our uninsured and under-insured populations. Ensuring that everyone has access to essential care will create healthier communities across the state.

“We must continue to prioritize investments that address the years of disinvestment faced by the Latino community, especially the immigrant community. It is a major priority of mine to establish a more equitable Illinois through language access, which provides individuals with limited English proficiency — citizens and non-citizens alike —equal access to essential state resources, which is vital for the well-being of our community.

“Our resources from all levels of government should align to provide a holistic approach to welcoming asylum seekers to our state through thoughtful immigrant integration and supporting initiatives that bolster welcoming centers. These actions are necessary to address the ongoing issues facing the Latino community.

“During the next few months, I will work tirelessly alongside my colleagues to achieve a budget that reflects the needs of our state and ensures our communities are put first. Creating solutions to high health care costs, promoting housing stability and securing access to vital resources for our communities, especially working class communities will lead to a better outcome for our state, socially and economically.”