Villa: Budget invests in people, improves quality of life

SPRINGFIELD – In response to the Senate’s affirmative vote on the state budget, State Senator Karina Villa (D-West Chicago) issued the following statement:

“Having paid off state debts and met our fiscal obligations, this budget makes a strong effort to care for residents across Illinois in all stages of life.

“As a social worker, my heart is centered around the needs of children, adults, seniors, and our most vulnerable neighbors, which is why I am pleased to see our health care system and mental health services receiving necessary funding, as well as $200 million being allocated to lower our pension debt.

“Our residents are our greatest resource, and in light of the unprecedented challenges our neighbors have faced in the last two years, Illinois families deserve the relief and investment this budget brings to them. I’m proud to support the people of Illinois, and I’m proud to be in support of this budget.”