New Villa law to help increase Illinois Dream Fund donations

SPRINGFIELD – There will be more opportunities to donate to the Illinois Dream Fund, which provides scholarships to eligible college students, thanks to a new law by State Senator Karina Villa.

“No matter someone’s immigration status, they deserve the right to education,” said Villa (D-West Chicago). “This law will increase funds for scholarships, giving more students the opportunity to attend college.”

The new law allows customers who transmit money internationally the option to voluntarily donate a portion of their money to the Illinois Dream Fund, whose mission is to provide life-changing financial support to non-citizens who wish to pursue higher education and help them successfully work toward degree completion.

Under this law, the Illinois Dream Fund Commission will also develop a comprehensive program, including creation of informational materials and a marketing plan, to educate people in Illinois about the purpose and benefits of contributions made to the Illinois Dream Fund, such as increasing scholarship opportunities.

“Contributing to someone’s education is a wonderful and noble thing to do,” Villa said. “I encourage everyone who can donate to look into giving to the Illinois Dream Fund when the time comes.”

House Bill 3233 was signed on Friday and goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2024.